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Facebook's New Mid-Video Ads

This is a PSA:

Apparently, in a further attempt to monetize ad revenue, Facebook is slowly implementing a rollout of mid-video ads. Now, 15 seconds or so +/- into whatever video you’re watching will give you an inserted ad. Not everyone at this point is seeing them, but you will eventually. You will have no choice but to watch the ad if you intend to watch the entire video.

From Recode: A Facebook rep declined to comment. But last fall, Facebook VP Dan Rose, who runs the company’s content operations, told Poynter that he expected to talk about expanding the mid-roll ads it was trying in live videos to more video formats “early next year.”


Well, “early next year” has come and with it, a variety of problems that I and I’m sure others, have encountered. Not only do any videos I’m viewing stop after the 10-15 second mark and just keep trying to load, I have seen at least one very offensive ad which I can’t scrub from my mind.

While trying to watch a Country Living (the magazine, who I follow and who posts lots of articles and videos that I enjoy) video, the ads actually did work! I saw a small notice in the lower left side of the video announcing the ad would start and then it did. I didn’t realize however, what I was watching until the video showed a Prius RUNNING OVER A DOG!! It was horrifying! It was despicable. I can’t imagine a parent watching with a small child at their side!


This is the ad, watch at your own risk, but it still makes me sick!

While I understand wanting to make another dollar since that’s the business Facebook is now in having moved far away from its original intention, things like this are beyond reasonable and need to be reported. The biggest problem is, with every viewing of that video, I got a different ad. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to them, no specific target, and absolutely no filter as to content.


I’m really hoping Facebook will take a good hard look at this new policy and at least make an attempt to put some logic behind what they’re showing. Unfortunately, with their record, I don’t see that happening.

Read the full mid-video ad story at Recode

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