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Quick Tip: Faster URL Deletion

This is new to me. Put your cursor to (e.g.) the far left of an url in a browser's address bar. Hold down Control, then hold down Delete. The url disappears a lot faster than if you just tapped or held down Del or Backspace on their own.

This is a biggish sort of deal, because if I select all of something in a browser or some other application, there is an auto-copy tool waiting to send it to the clipboard. Often, I don't want that to happen, to select-all in order to delete it, only to have it overwrite something else I want left in the clipboard = no.

Also, on the far left of the address bar in a folder window, holding down control and tapping Del, gets rid of it all at once. If you do a ctrl+backspace from the right end, the text is deleted in chunks.


These tricks are much more straightforward than the words I'm using to describe them.

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