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Father's Day Traditions!

I spent my childhood in a country where celebrating Father’s day was not very common (at least back then). When I moved to United states about a decade ago, I learnt that it is celebrated on third Sunday of June. Unfortunately, I lost my Dad soon after moving here.


Around 6 Father’s day later, my husband became a father. We were blessed with our first son. I really wanted to make it a special day for my husband . He is a tech lover and iPads were the rage back then. I decided to make my son gift him one on that day. But just like that? No, Dad would have to do some hunting for it. I created a treasure hunt for my husband. I hid a couple of clues in different areas of the house leading him to the iPad! It was much fun for him, my son and me. I decided to do it every year as a tradition and would let the boys take over as they grow.

Another tradition I follow on this day is boys hand printing on Father's day cards. I am sure in coming years those cards will be treasured and we could see their hands grow on paper. Also, it adds a personal touch to the card. I had my personal touch on the first one too, but it is going to be both the boys from now on :)

So, these are going to be our traditions for father’s day for coming years. What is yours? Do share if you have one, and feel free to adopt ours if you like to. I believe this post is right on time for you all to do it yourself!

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