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Favorite "Hacking" TV Show

So correct me if I’m wrong, but MacGyver might have been the first TV personality/TV show centered around the simple (albeit fictional) hacks around us. This post on Observation Deck got me thinking about what shows were the most entertaining, interesting, or useful when it comes to the Hackerspace crowd. The OG being MacGyver is obviously a legend, but he should also get knocked for the improbability of a lot of it and the fact that it is fictional.


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So this is my initial list, in no particular order, and I want to hear what some of yours are too, whether they’re reality shows, fictional, or factual. I’m sure I’m missing many that I either forget or just have never seen.

Junkyard Wars


Discovery should definitely bring this one back and once they do we need to band together and try to get on the show. Bring it back and make the Top Gear crew be the hosts!

Does anyone know a place to stream this online? I’m beginning to feel nostalgic...


Wheeler Dealers


Sometimes I may doubt the validity of what they say in terms of what little things add a lot of value, but its entertaining at least.



I’m a bit of a math nerd so this one is always up my alley. There always seems to be some complex math that can take any crude and easily gathered data and turn it into how to catch a killer. Though very far fetched, it is entertaining. I tend to like any of these consultant to the government dramas (Psych, Monk, the Mentalist, Bones, Castle, etc.), but they are pretty corny.

Fat Guys in the Woods


At the very least it makes me feel better about myself in the sense that I think I could fair better than many of the contestants. Probably one of the more entertaining survival shows, in my opinion.



Had to throw at least one food show on here and this seems like the most appropriate. I always like to try to think of what I could cook given the time and ingredients.

Man, cooking is so much easier when some one else is doing it...

What are your favorites?

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