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Filmora: Capture Your Everyday Life with This Amazing Video Software

Video editing has become one of the most sought-after digital skills in today’s world. Professionals who have the ability to create and craft inspiring videos have become a mainstay in the 21st century, especially as more companies are finding reasons to be on the social media space and interact with bothexisting and potential customers.

However, video editing is also a skill that takes time and an enabling platform to be really good at. Beginners need the right resources to learn, and professionals need a proper platform to express their creativity


Introduction to Filmora

Filmora is one tool that makes all of this possible. Whether you’re a novice at video editing or you’ve managed to hone your skills to a considerable degree, you can rest assured that you will access the best of premium editing tools on the service.


Filmora was developed by Wondershare Technology Co. Ltd, a technology firm based out of China. The service has so far become pretty popular, with over 50 million downloads and a spate of happy customers thus far.

Payment and Subscriptions

Filmora is available for both users of the Windows and Mac OS platforms. Users can access a free trial of the platform, which will allow them to export footage for a maximum of ten times. Note, however, that all your footage will have the Filmora logo on them. After the tenth upload, you will have to upgrade.


Users who will have to pay will deal with Filmora’s payment and subscription mode. On Mac devices, Filmora costs $44.99 per year for the subscription model and $59.99 for a permanent license. The Windows version, which the company recently released, costs $39.99 per year, while you also pay $59.99 for an outright purchase.

In terms of cost, you’ll be happy to know that Filmora is much cheaper than a lot of the other video editing services out there.


Exploration: The Filmora Interface

One of the many benefits of Filmora for beginners is its seamless product interface. You can switch between gray and black borders, and you get optimal functionality regardless of the device or operating system that you’re working with.


The product opens to four entry points — Action Cam, Instant Cutter, Full Feature, and Easy Mode.

Full Editor

The Full Editor pane is where you will do most of your work on Filmora. The layout features three panels, which include the source content, a preview of what you have on ground, and the timeline of the full video.


As stated earlier, the service works and loads seamlessly. So, you will be able to make your video editing without stress.

You should also check out the platform’s Timeline view, which allows you to add tracks and other features to your video. Filmora has up to a hundred transitions, and you can set some of your frequently-used ones as “favorites.”


Filmora’s magnetic timeline approach is also quite nifty. Drag a clip to the timeline, thus allowing it to move to the previous clip. This way, you can rest assured that your final project won’t have any empty spaces or gaps.

Color Editing and Special Effects

With Filmora, PiP effect creation is seamless. You can move and resize windows via the video preview, while also accessing several filter effects on the platform.


Then, make use of distortions like mirror and water ripple, as well as light and style leak overlays

The color section also provides some nifty effects like B&W Film, 007, Cool Film, Batman, etc.


Text Effects

You will also love the text effects on Filmora. Text templates are properly-designed, and you get to see really cool animations. An Advanced Text Edit tool also exists to help you to change characteristics and customize your font and color fill.


Music and Audio

Filmora’s music section is one of the most comprehensive out there. It provides access to 22 background songs, with each organized into a category. You also get access to an audio mixer for you to track aspects of a song like volume and panning.


Instant Cutter

The Instant Cutter and Trim modes help you to make quick edits to videos – especially when you have to remove a component from inside the video. You can also use the original trimmed content to make segments straight.


Easy Mode

You can use Filmora’s Easy mode to drag video clips and digital photos onto your output. The mode also allows you to select music, choose themes, and make motion pictures.


On this mode, you can access six themes — Old Days, Love, Travel, Simple, Happy, and Sport.

Output and Sharing

Filmora allows you to access several output options, including FLV, MP4, MKV, AVI, and MOV. There is also access to sites such as video-sharing giants YouTube and Vimeo, and social media platforms like Facebook.


Support and Education

There are many things that Filmora offers — great effects, seamless sound and sound effect integrations, optimal editing and an interactive platform, etc. The service also allows you to view some of the work done by more experienced, better video editors. With these, you can get inspired and incorporate some of their tricks into the videos that you create.


You also have a video editing academy and a support center to help you with any instructions that you need.

When you are ready to try out any of these tricks, you get a platform that supports you from scratch.

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