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Finally, The Perfect Smartwatch

Out of all the fitness trackers, smartwatches, and wearables I have seen the past few years, none of them have jumped out and shocked me. Personally I have only bought one, the Nike Fuelband($150). Purchased solely on its looks and simple use, I found it lacked usefulness. Sure we have the Pebble smartwatch($150-$249), the Samsung Galaxy Gear($299) and a few others. But none of those are ready for prime time. They lack quality finish. The Galaxy Gear is only available with Samsung phones. The Pebble has an e-ink screen and is a little bulky, plus no touch screen for the size. Simply put the watch has not changed in quite awhile. Analog or digital, they are still large circles and squares on our wrist. This is wear the future comes in.

Razer has been known for their high quality gaming electronics such as mice and keyboards. But this year at CES(Consumer Electronics Show) they unveiled a new and unexpected idea: The Razer Nabu Smartband. What sets this device apart from the before mentioned watched and fitness bands is that it is both of those. It will track all of your motions and exercises, while sharing important and relevant information instantly to your wrist. It is all I could want in a smartwatch and more. It has the sleek modern design on the Fuelband as well. A nice bonus.


As you can see from the top image, there will be two screens for viewing information. On top, the place a normal watch would display time, is a small area for one simple icon.

This is the public notification area. Say you are in class or a meeting at work, your watch gently vibrates to alert you. You glance down and see from the small public icon that it is a twitter post. No big deal, you can wait til after work. Maybe it is a phone icon, and you know immediately it is an active call. Rather than exit the meeting or class, you flick your wrist over and subtly glance at the larger, private screen. This screen shows you more details, such as the full name of who is calling or texting. Based on the information below you can then excuse yourself accordingly.

Besides the calls, texts, and tweets, the Nabu has many more notification possibilities. At the moment it supports; Google Maps, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Calls, Emails, Reminders and Skype. There is much more that the device is capable of, since Razer is allowing an open SDK for developers to match up their apps for compatibility. It also tracks: calories burnt, steps taken, floors climbed, distance traveled, hours slept, personal goals, and places visited.


The kicker? Two things really stand out.

1. This device is currently $59 for developers, and will reach a public price of around $100 dollars or a little more.


2. The real star is that it supports both Android and iOS operating systems! Unlike the Fuelband and Galaxy Gear.

In the end I see this as the perfect smartwatch. It has a modern design, it is useful and functional, it has unique and cool social features. Plus! it is not crazy overpriced. What do you guys think? Perfect?



There is so much I did not cover. So many cool features left out. Check the website for sweet features! Turn by turn GPS is also supported!


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