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Flip Your Hair In The Friday Open Thread!

Hiddy ho!, Jan, Jen, John, Joan, Jane— and June—> of course! Not to mention, Jeane, that is, 💕 Norma Jeane!💕 Who else?? Welcome to the Friday thread for June 26!

First off, or second off, if you like what you’re seeing uptop, thank Liveschedules <— Live let me in here today. If you don’t, blame Whitson Gordon. He’s the reason I’m still around at all. Can’t trust those editors-in-chief, ya know? I’m whatchya call a crafted commenter. People like me exist because Whitson has it in for a bunch of other people! He always has, he always will, and therefore my future is assured.

Before I end, allow me to recycle one of my old jokes. It’s a three-parter:

Q: What’s it called when night comes to the farm?
A: Pasture bedtime.

Q: What’s it called when a non-slouching person goes to sleep at night?
A: Posture bedtime.

Q: What’s it called when you find wet sheets in the morning?
A: Pisture bedtime.

Wonder if I’ll get it for that one. Probably will.

So tell us what you know. Tell us what you *want* to know! We’re here to listen. Not all of us are sober, but we’re all paying attention. Let us begin.


Oh, and uh, say good morning to Cat5!

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