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Fly Over IceWorld in the Friday Open Thread

Taken by me (Moon), in early January. In actuality, it’s the parking lot at the local firehall. It was treacherously icy.

Well this is probably the reason everyone’s down with a plague of some kind or other. But in case not, in case the ice and cold and the flying flotilla of flu bugs hasn’t gotten everyone, here is the thread for Friday.

I did this without permission, except I msg’d Revanchist (the most handsome man in the world since that guy from Tonga) and said I was going to.


Gratuitous Norma Pic

Somebody, please, tell us a story, about life this week. You can even lie if you want! Throw in some enemy drones and a zombie attack! Or even talk about any progress in the ongoing soap opera called ‘holding the line’. Or, maybe you just did your laundry and you’re glad you at least got one thing done right today.

...Or maybe you’re just hopping around on one leg, trying to look competant and casual...


I don’t give a **** what you have for a topic. I’ve hijacked a thread and I’m looking forward to getting into trouble for it. The mods will give me a beating. But til they do, this bar is OPEN! : )



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