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This may be really dumb to most of you, but I get kind of excited when I learn something like this...

The recent Keyboard only shortcut list published on Lifehacker has a ton of useful things highlighted, however Whitson is an outspoken Firefox user. One shortcut that was kind of mentioned in tip 7, but not very clearly is the following ability to use the "Find in Page" bar (accessed via Ctrl+F) and the "follow highlighted link" shortcut (Ctrl+Enter).


The great thing about it is that you don't need to search the full link text, just have any piece of the hyperlink highlighted. I've found it very useful already and I am only a day into using it.

It works on Chrome (v30) for Windows and Mac (and Linux?).
It doesn't seem to work on Firefox (v24) for Mac. (maybe I'm doing it wrong???)
It doesn't work on IE8 or Safari (v6) (the only available versions I could test on).

Credit: thanks to Evan for pointing this out.


Image: swedespeed

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