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Friday Open Thread: Back To School

It’s the back to school time of year, folks! Welcome to the special edition of Open Thread brought to you by the wonderful people at Hackerspace in partnership with Lifehacker and our principal Andy Orin. He’s a nice principal, as far as school administrators go. I swear!

On that note, Alan is having a bad week. I’d like to cheer him up, but I don’t know how. Working anywhere in Gawker Media is a tough place to be right now. To his credit, Lifehacker is a finely run show and is the most sane place on GM. I think that is apparent to most people.


Back to the show. Moon gave us one or two things to do with our PC stuff. I’m not brain awake enough to understand what he means, but that’s okay. I have other things to worry about, like what I want to eat for lunch. And how am I going to take a nap today. And why do people use old, out-dated standards to calculate what they need to run a facility. Ugh.

Elena gave us some advice on getting into meditation, which is great. I could use some centering in my life. And maybe a breakfast burrito.

I must be hungry this morning. And tired. And grumpy. That’s okay. I’m going to turn that frown upside down as soon as I visit the vending machine, which should be shortly here.

And, since it’s Senior Week, I’m going to open this thread up to your criticism of Hackerspace. Do we do things right? Do we look as bad as we smell? Should there be more pretty pictures? Let us know in the comment section. Don’t be shy.


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