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Friday Open Thread: Mods Gone Wild

Good day to you, friends! Another happy Friday is upon us and it’s time to spill our guts about what we do, whether it’s home projects, car projects, living in the projects, projecting ourselves on others, launching large projectiles, or just talking about life. It’s the Open Thread!

So, pull up and chair and listen to our review of the weekly posts.

Elena gave us a run down of what to do when our internet speed is dropping. I wish this would work for my wife’s Kindle, but that seems to be a software problem, and the fact I went for the cheapest model possible when I bought this one for her.


Anyone getting ready to move? Here are some helpful tips from a newcomer, Omar. Welcome, Omar!

And, if you want to sign up and host an Open Thread, drop me a note here.

As usual, this Open Thread is brought to you by Hackerspace, who are thankful to Lifehacker for this opportunity to have an open forum for the LH/HS communities to congregate and figure out everything.

So, tell us, kind folks. What are you up to? What are your weekend plans? How do you feel about raisins in baked goods?

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