I know how this cat feels

Welcome to Hackerspace! This is the reader-run community of Lifehacker and our weekly open thread for you to share and talk about whatever you want. Well, it is not summer yet but it was about 90 here (in Philly area) most of the week and now it is a long weekend where everyone is going to the beach so it is summery enough! So, with that inspiration, what is your favorite summery beachy food? I’m not a native Pennsylvanian but man, I can appreciate a good sausage and they have some excellent kielbasa (and in Scranton, they literally have a sausage fest). Sausage, hot dogs, all those types of foods in meat casings with lots of mustard and relish are my choice but what are yours? I will also say that I like any kind of frozen dessert, ice cream or not.

May your weekend have infinite possibilities

There are all sorts of feasts this week on hackerspace (do you like how I just streeeetch that metaphor?). There was a share from the Golden Horn/Brewing Debate (one of my favorite subblogs) about gawker media’s traffic. Well, Lifehacker came out on top. I think it’s because they have so much news you can use (especially on Skillet).

Cat becoming liquid


Elena shared some information about protecting your own credit card information, which is really helpful in this day and age and she also provided some money management tips to freelancers in her second post of the week.


I couldn’t resist.

Finally, Moon shows us their cool book shelf stereo that sounds great and is easy to install. Awesome.


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