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Welcome kind readers to another Friday of wonder and amazement on the Hackerspace Open Thread, brought to you by Lifehacker.

Today is Friday. That’s the day we post in this thread about whatever we want, whatever we are doing, and whatever we want to do. I’m working on doing nothing for a weekend. I’ve been busy doing too much, which isn’t helping me feel well, but I am getting better, thank you for asking. :)


This week in Hackerspace, Moon gave us the lowdown on changing some characteristics for folders in Windows. I think. I’m not really sure, but I try to follow as best I can. Rachel gave us advice on how to pursue a Bae. Maybe. Still trying to figure out what a Bae is. And, Elena gave us a preview of how advertising will look in the future.

Go ahead and share in the comment section below. Welcome to the weekend, folks!

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