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So the Galaxy Note 3's release is just around the corner and with a whole host of features that Samsung threw in with Touchwiz it's poised to be possibly one of the best phone releases of 2013. Although like most people you might be locked into a two year contract which limits you from ever getting your hands on and getting some down time with some of these new features. Luckily thanks to the versatility of the android platform you can still imitate some of these features on most modern android phones.

New Leather Back

So after hearing customers complaints about a lackluster plastic design Samsung decided to throw in a fake, removable leather back with the phone to add a bit of flare. Now with most phones with removable backs your able to easily just search Amazon or some other online store for removable back covers and some even come with leather overlays in different colors. It's not the most elegant option but it should suffice.


Multi-Window and Advanced Multitasking

So being a Galaxy S4 owner myself I know that Samsung has some of the best multitasking features of any phone and that transfers over to the Note 3 as well. Besides the usual multi-window feature that lets you use two select apps at once you also get the ability to open mini apps as well. Some phones already have mini app window functionality but the app Tiny Apps lets you open small windows for simple tasks like calculations and a music player even. The free version should be good enough but there is a paid version if you so chose.


The Note 3 has a scrapbooking application for taking pictures, videos and webpages and marking them up as much as you want then even syncing them over Evernote. The app Skitch has the same functionality only with a different user interface.


Handwriting Recognition & S View feature

The handwriting recognition in the Note 3 can be mimicked with keyboards like Draw Input and search through your phones contacts and apps with Google's own Gesture Search. The last and final feature that Samsung's two top phones share is the s view feature letting you glance at quick info through a small portion of the screen. The S View app from Hatroid can let you accomplish the same thing although you might experience battery drain if your phone doesn't have an AMOLED display.


That's it for Note 3 features. If you're more into visuals then text feel free to watch a video version of this article here:

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