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Good Friday - Good Open Thread

Howdy, Hackateers! Welcome to another edition of the weekly open thread on Hackerspace. Today is Good Friday. And I’m having a good time.

Nothing like a good cuddle

However, we have a slight change in our status.

We enjoyed for many years a crosspost of our open threads to the Lifehacker front page. We had the support of various people from Lifehacker for many years. And when the other kinja pages were banned from posting to other main pages, Lifehacker continued to post our open threads.


For all those years of working together, we, the mod team of Hackerspace (Story, LiveSquiggles, Teapot, and myself) want to thank those at Lifehacker who supported us. We have enjoyed the privilege of hosting the readers of Lifehacker. Personally, my favorite times were when one of the writers or editors of LH popped on and engaged with us. That always made me proud of the job we do. So, thank you, Lifehacker, for everything.

“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” - The Great Gatsby

Wait a minute! This ain’t the end of us. Hackerspace will continue on.

This week in our continued existence, Moon showed a fix for the dynamic background on Windows 7 desktops which seems to have a bug. And, our infographic specialist Sara gave us advice on using infographics to focus in on keywords. For both of these posts, just scroll down this page until those posts pop up.


This weekend should be fun with the egg hunts with the kids. On Thursday, we did some dry ice fun, which was a first for me, too. Today we are making some oobleck. So, the kids are having fun.

My bun is too happy

So what say you, peeps? What are you working on and having fun with? Leave your comments below.

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