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Never Too Early To Be Thankful in the Friday Open Thread

Good morning, everyone! October 12 is Thanksgiving Day in Canada. I just wanted to take a moment to feel sorry for you poor American sots who have to wait til November. : )

So they say you celebrate Pilgrims and Forefathers, and the breaking of bread with unspeakable savages ‘round the old oak table. <- but nevermind your in-laws.

Here, it’s the harvest. We’re big on the Harvest. We figure there’s nothing better to celebrate than food in your tum-tum, fresh food at that. If there’s any health among us, we give thanks for that, too.


I decided to talk about all this, because I won’t be doing next week’s thread but I wanted to be thankful early.

May I say I’m thankful for my friends, on and offline. I’m thankful that my pinched-nerve problem (long tedious story, for 8 months now) has eased off and I can gripe about something else.. that is, whenever I forget to be thankful.

There’s lots else to be glad for, but I won’t put it here. After all, the thread awaits!

So in we go. Say anything at all, within the bounds of decency, or slightly without, it being a family thread and all.

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