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Build. Hack. Play. It's just what we do.

Goodbye Landline

I’ve really done it up. In about 7 business days my landline will be history and I’ll have a subsidized Xperia to play with, going with my local telco.

It’s a change alright. But I wanted that Sony bad enough that I sold my soul for two years. The termination fee will be whatever might be left owing on the phone. I thought it would be something worse or more insidious than that.

Plus, I have the option of moving up to the Xperia Z5 if it should come online.

I figure if I’m committing for two years, I want it to be over a GOOD phone, a respectable phone.

I’m just ranting. But I am a bit excited and spooked. What else could it be, being that it’s new to me, if not unknown.

I also get to leave my p+s camera at home, maybe ditch it entirely; the xperia has one, to make a mockery of what I had.

Also, audio, the other reason I wanted the Sony. It knows how to do up audio, including Flac. That’s class, to me. : )

Maybe this would be a good place to ask for tips, from people here, whom I *know* are mobile veterans. This is my first time away from a landline. Though the telco promises to make it painless as possible.


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