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Grab a plate and join us in the Friday Open Thread

Welcome to your Friday Open Thread at Hackerspace. It’s the last Friday before Thanksgiving and I am wondering how many people here are traveling home. I will be flying up on Thursday morning on what is a thankfully short flight to Maine, land of lobster, LL Bean and my family. I’m not shopping on Black Friday but rather on Saturday because fighting the crowds isn’t worth it. This is my time to relax.

Like Thanksgiving, on Hackerspace, we have stuffed ourselves full with a bountiful feast of information. Elena has given some sage advice about making a business plan and keeping it simple. Moon has done what it was hard for me to do in 2009, namely give up their landline. It’s becoming such a rarity to have one these days. Fred Castagnac lets everyone know how Azendoo works with bloggers to produce content. Finally, Elena ends this week with letting everyone know how to start a tech career with no experience.


Now, after you are filled with knowledge, have some stuffing, stretch out, maybe read about some penguins and come and talk. If in your tryptophan haze, you decide that you want to know more and contribute to this hackerspace place, please look at this handy guide and/or let us know in the comments. The mods are sure to get back to you, especially if you set aside a little cranberry sauce for them.

(pic courtesy of Foodbeast)

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