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Friday Open Thread

Greetings and Salutations, my Hacker friends! I hope this Friday Open Thread finds you happy and keeping cool!

If you’d like to host next Friday’s Open Thread, please post in the comments.

Summer is almost upon us according to the calendar, but it’s surely upon us according to the weather. And what is the most summery of activities? Why, cookouts of course! Whether you bar-be-cue, or grill, or picnic, or whatever-you-call it, cooking and eating outdoors just makes food taste good!


So, share with us your customs and tips for eating al fresco: Where do you like to go? What do you like to eat and drink? What is essential for a successful bash? Who do you invite?

Bonus points if you share a favorite potluck recipe with us. If you’re invited over what do you take? What’s your go-to side dish or dessert that holds up well on the buffet?

As always, share with us, too, your news, your questions and your thoughts.

Happy Weekend!

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