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Guide: Taking the dive into RSS - getting over 1000+ articles

When I first tired to get into using Google Reader it went awfully. I had seen all my internet life people raving about RSS readers and seen a Lifehacker poll where the vast majority of readers used an RSS reader. I decided to launch a Google Reader account and try it out. I already kept Lifehacker and Gizmodo in pinned tabs and read the vast majority of articles, so I didn't think reading all my blogs would be difficult. So naturally when I saw I had 1000+ unread articles I was shocked. I instantly jumped onto the Lifehacker guide for conquering the RSS mountain, but eventually just opted for the "Mark All as Read Option". I was obviously doing something wrong.

What was wrong

I was still keeping my favourite blogs in bookmarks, and worse, pinned tabs. How was I ever supposed to transition to an RSS reader that was going to make you read over everything if I was still reading my old blogs in my same old ways? I was also still not using it on my phone effectively enough, and using those free 5-10 minutes of the bus when listening to music to read some articles!


The solution

Much like the issue when many (including myself) try to start using Evernote and can't see it working, you have to commit! This meant in my case closing those pinned tabs and deleting those bookmark to force myself to use my RSS. I knew this would eventually pay off. It also meant switching from Google reader to Feedly, as the linear format in both the web and mobile apps would make choosing wheat I needed to read much quicker. Subscribing to more blogs and websites also meant that I would start going back to my RSS more often to reduce that list.

After using RSS

Now I'm using Feedly, I find that I am seeing much more that interests me than I normally would. This is all as you would expect, however I have found that I am finding new things of interest that before I would have scrolled past. The only downside I can find is that it can feel like quite a race to get to the big green tick at the end telling you you're all done with your reading. Also, I can imagine myself freaking out after coming back from holiday (vacation sorry).


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