Build. Hack. Play. It's just what we do.
Build. Hack. Play. It's just what we do.

It seems that every week or so, I hear some new singer-songwriter-band with their hands out, wanting people to check out their sound, hear their message, *get* what they’re saying.

They don’t understand that there are people who’ve heard the message already, many many times, starting-a long time ago.

I really feel there’s too much music, and not enough silence. Music is like pics these days. Everyone and anyone does them, and made most of them somehow cheap in the process. If you can take and delete a photo at will, where is the value, I ask myself, rhetorically.

But for the music. There are so many good guitar players out there, and so many good guitars, the air is saturated. And even the sound I’ve been working on, becomes cheap. The guitar is getting a little past its zenith now. The instrument’s success is undoing it.

People ask “why did Rome die?” Because, Rome swallowed whole, the poison pill of its own success. “Immoderate greatness” is how one historian put it. The guitar has enjoyed too much of its own. And nothing fails and kills, the way success does.


I once saw a youtube commercial where someone was given a word association game. The tester said “...Music”. The testee (?) said. with a sleepy-eyed rapture “...Evverry where....”.

And I thought, NO NO NO NO!!! :((( We need more silence, just like we need more space. We don’t need anymore music. There is an audio arms race going on, people getting louder, just to be heard above the loudness that’s already there. And these people are not helping. And they’re not helping their cause, nor the cause of music in general, if it has one.

They have made their music like those fragrant sanitary wipes. You use it once, and that’s it, you have to toss it. The stuff I hear, even the supposedly good stuff, the symphony stuff, the sonatas, the concertos, have gotten cheap and clamoring, the way it all craves attention.

When you paint something or draw something, compose something, or make something out of blocks even, you want space even more than you want the objects in it. But it’s as though people think that every bit of dead air has to be filled in by something. I even suspect that people (mostly) are scared shitless of silence.

It’s like looking someone in the eye and keeping quiet. You reveal something dangerous in that moment of silence, that you fear revealing. So you look away and you make some sort of irrelevant other noises. Dead air and direct looks are to be avoided, like starvation. That seems like the unspoken philosophy we live by.

So we grab our phones and put on another disposable tune, skip at 5 seconds, move to the next. : )

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