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Hack Your Lies to Tell Your Truth

PSA: All communication is manipulative. Concepts like trust, belief, and even sometimes reason force us to accept incoming information to some degree. We may dismiss it, but after hearing it some absorbing takes place, it still alters our thinking. Exposure alone forces an impact no matter the senders intent or our own preclusions or defenses to protect our existing understanding of reality.

You Still Believe the Best Lies

When you take the time to break down every statement that influences you, 99% can be either disproved or be shown to be weak at best. The strictest definition of fact draws a line between true and false and anything in-between must be taken on faith.


While we’re very comfortable with accepting concepts that are reasonable, we often don’t push the concept to an absolute because we know and or understand that proving absolutes is unnecessary.

I don’t want to get too far into beliefs as many populations carry different beliefs, but that’s kind of the point. From our eternal savior to our political views, we often bring unproven ideas or understandings to the forefront as personal facts.

I do not want to tear down those personal facts, also known as beliefs. I’m just pointing out that they exist. In other words, if you believe a certain creed or religion, please don’t take offense, just recognize that I’m pointing out the possibility of others believing something else, which happens to be a reality.

Motives Matter

This section is short, don’t trust anyone. Everyone has a reason why they say what they say. Everyone is trying to manipulate you, but it’s up to you if you accept that manipulation.


They Still Believe the Best Lies

Everything you say can be interpreted as a lie, truth, advice, opinion, whatever. The fact remains that voices and statements influence. Use this. I happen to have a coworker who apparently thinks that repeating statements at an increased volume increases believability. This is the absolute wrong way to go about things, even if you are right. The problem is that we have a negative response to absurd volumes. Keep in mind that effectiveness often requires restraint regarding volume, reasonableness regarding issues, and most importantly an authentic source.


Authenticity, much like any trust, must be established before communication of influential material. Once it is established, which is most often easier than it should be, others open themselves up to your manipulations.


At this point I just want to say that everyone who is doing the manipulations and everyone who is manipulated is normal. Abuse can occur when individuals are not in full control of their capacities, but this conversation will focus on those with functional capacities for reason and average levels of intelligence.


How To Lie

Knowing that even if you’re speaking your truth, you might be telling an incidental lie, embrace it. Take ownership of the words that come out of your mouth. Understand that people will leverage their beliefs to accommodate your lie, if you carry authenticity. THIS IS THE ENTIRE ENTERPRISE OF FORTUNE TELLING!


Instead of having the normal and visceral reaction to this concept, embrace it.

As disgusting and dirty as it may seem in your head, you already know the con-man/fortune teller/bs shoveling tactics and you know that they are effective. Use them.


It’s been said before that the best lies carry a kernel of truth, I say that they carry a kernel of your audience’s belief.

The counter to this is the more you believe, the more vulnerable you are to lies.

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