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Hackerspace Poll: What Budgeting Software Do You Use?

The reason I ask is that a week or so ago, You Need a Budget announced that they’re switching to a subscription model, for $50/year.


I’ve been using the old YNAB for a little more than a year because I get it for free as a student, it doesn’t require me to give anyone access to my bank accounts, it tracks cash as another account, and it autocompletes vendors quite well. If I was still using it by graduation, I figured I might purchase the full version, even though complete manual logging is getting annoying. With the new version, however, I’m out. I am extremely reluctant to give anyone access to my bank accounts (hence my choice to avoid Mint), and I just don’t think it’s worth paying for a subscription either.

My ideal software solution: being able to load transaction information from a spreadsheet, use vendors to assign purchases to categories, and make some manual adjustments. I might as well go back to Neat software, though I find it the UI annoying, and I don’t think it does budgeting so well.

What do you use and why? Those of you sticking to spreadsheets, do you have a particular template that you like?

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