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Hi, all! Hope you are doing well. Things are turning up here. How are you doing?

I was on Kinja today and this article from the past, way past, popped up.


This is actually one of my all-time favorite articles on The Onion. If you have a chance, read it. It was from a time when we were just coming out of the 90's, so it’s actually a period piece, in a way.

My wife finally got a new car. She isn’t completely happy with her selection. She wants to go back and get a Traverse. Her brother is like “Hey, I can get you one for cheap.” I’m like, “Yeah, but you kept telling me you want one that has all these features. So, this is what you have for this price range.” The features she wants all add up to a lot of money, about $10k. So, yeah, she can get a Traverse, but no leather seats, sun roof, lane assist, blind spot recognition, back up camera, car play, and all the other things she wants.

And my mom just got herself a new car, too. So much car buying going on. I hate car buying.

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