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Has Apple just shown us the iWatch?

Apple's adverts have always been well... different. While competitors ads are often complex and sometimes misleading, Apple sets itself away from the pack with its always distinguishable adverts (anyone remember the Genius ads?)

Their latest ad for the iPhone 'Music Every Day', similar to the recent 'Photos Every Day' is no different to this, with soft piano music and people having fun listening to their bangin tunes on their iPhone. One small thing is in the 11th scene, where you see the guy tapping away to a beat on a cafe table - notice anything about the thing on his wrist?

The Apple Rumor mill has gone into overdrive over this two-second appearance that is quite obviously not the Kiskstarter-funded Pebble Smart Watch which has recently started shipping to Kickstarter backers, the Pebble is a lot more rectangular looking where as this is a more square-like shape.


With Google Glass interest and publicity growing, maybe Apple thought it would just remind us that it's still doing 'interesting stuff'. It's speculated that the, as yet unconfirmed, iWatch could be released in late 2014, now that's a long time from now but I'm sure we can spend that time watching Apple's adverts till then!

What do you think of this spotting? Was that the iWatch or a red herring? Would you use wearable technology? Share you thoughts in the comments below, or on one of our social media channels!


Screenshot and video courtesy of Apple, YouTube

Pebble photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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