Hallo und guten Morgen zusammen! Welcome to the latest iteration of the Open Thread, brought to you by the fine souls at Hackerspace. It’s been a rough week around the world, and I hope everyone is doing okay.

Nobody stepped up to host an open thread last week. Here are all the posts from the past two weeks. They may come in handy for you.

Your favourite bakery has been selling you old pies this whole time. Oh, and there is an easy-peasy way to separate the yolk from the white.


The Spy Next Door fanatic Moon made it clear that watching Jackie Chan movies releases endorphins into your brain that make you happy and positive.

Rob E shared instructions on how to quiet your ear-splitting doorbell with nothing but refrigerator magnets.


Tony Tie spoke about eating out in North America’s one and only free world: best breakfast restaurants and restaurants with the best appetisers.


Windows 10 pundit Moon shared a possible fix for the frustrating conundrum that is preventing OS updates.

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What is everyone up to this weekend? Are your kids excited about the long awaited summer or winter break? Who wants to host an open thread next week?

Have a brilliant weekend! Cheers! :)