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Hello Hackerspacers & Co., and welcome to the Friday Open Thread! Share your trials and tribulations below, ask for advice, or just share some good headdesk gifs. For those of you visiting for the first time, Hackerspace is the reader-run community associated with Lifehacker. Please drop in and say hello!

In preparation for the upcoming week, I added a headdesk gif to my team’s Slack, and it was used by three separate people within an hour.


This week, we’ve heard from Tigrisan about mid-video ads on Facebook, Moon about a great sticky note app for Android and a toggle-open-toggle-closed script, MisfitToy’s continued dresser refurbishment adventures, and CaptMikeHoneydew’s baby hacks.

If you’d like to add yourself to the list above, please consult the Hackerspace style guide, write up your post on your personal Kinja, and ping a moderator (myself, story645, Livesquiggles, and TheRevanchist) to review. As a general rule, if you haven’t been a regular on Hackerspace, we may ask you to write a few times on your personal blog and allowing us to share the post - but we’ll be glad to make you an author afterward.*

*Like most of the moderated internet, we have a be nice to each other policy.

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