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Help Me Find a Rollerball Mouse?

eta3: Ok I may have found something, assuming their software install is no longer ***t:


Can someone suggest a mouse for me? I used to have a couple of mice with trackballs. I could sit back in my chair and use the pool-ball-like roller to move the pointer or scroll a page. I have no such mouse, now. By the time I came to Win7, Logitech had made software updates that were so awful, I could no longer use the rollerball mouse with the OS. Logitech’s setup software had just gotten awful and cludgy...... they had *not* thought it through.

So assuming people know the kind of mouse I’m talking about, are there any in this day and age? ones with not-so-terrible installation software?

Thanks, Hackerspacers!


eta: The mice themselves, the ones I had, they’re long gone. They left at a time when I was tossing things out. I kept the rollerballs tho. Was hoping to start a collection.

eta again: I’ve been googling for help, but the mice I find don’t look like what I’m after. They have the balls, so to speak, but they’re small, and off to the side, again so to speak. I wanted a large ball in the middle.

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