Can anyone suggest anything at all in the way of a clue as to how I might get Firefox to log me in to Lifehacker? Opera lets me on, Opera lets me reply/comment/etc. IE lets me on but often freezes when I try to reply to someone. This s**t has been going on for almost two weeks. Clearly Ffx is not a priority over at the Kinja F*kup Department.

But I thought maybe someone might have some (unofficial) tips for getting logged in with my preferred browser. I've done the searches, used the terms, I am not enlightened.

If I stayed with Opera for this, it would be just dumb; I'm stuck when it comes to all the things that would need to be customized in order to adapt, except that Opera, being a mere variant of Chromium, doesn't have anything at all like what Firefox has for fine tuning of settings. In short, I want to be able to log in with Firefox. How can I do that?

Thanks very much.