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Helping my elderly neighbor with a new Linux install

I'm about to burn a copy of Linux Mint Mate for my neighbor to install as she recently had her HD crash and the only copy of Windows she has is a Windows 8 Upgrade disk. She's getting up there in years and I am choosing Linux Mint Mate as it is what I installed for my father when I gave him a Linux distribution. It's a traditional UI with very little frills, but still a modern OS.

However, I was wondering if there is a better choice of operating system for an elderly individual who needs simple access to things like email or a web browser. When I searched, I got a few that seem to be out of date:

I was hoping that I might be able to install Chrome OS or an unofficial version, but it seems like you have to compile and build Chromium OS yourself.


I know I can tailor the shorctus/UI to make things easy for her and I plan on doing that for now, but I was disappointed that my quick search turned up what I would consider very little work in this area. Am I overlooking something or using the wrong search terms? Is there another way I can think outside the box on this?

Thanks for your time and to Story645 for giving me hackerspace posting permissions!

Update: I did find this for Chromium OS so maybe I'll give it a try on a USB stick with her, and she can decide if she likes it better.

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