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Greetings fellow readers! It’s time to sign up, should you choose, to host an Open Thread. We all have reasons for wanting to do so. Personally, I do so because I like the people here and enjoy the interaction with them. Others may have their own reasons. But, whatever you do, don’t be a Debbie Downer.

Hosting during the holidays might be a chore, as I know most of us have lives beyond Lifehacker (sort of). Keep that in mind when you sign up for these days. Worst case, just reply to this thread and we will get things covered in a pinch.


Dec 11th: Squiggles, The Live

Dec 18th: Rat Fink [non de plume TBD]

Christmas: Neverending Story

New Year’s Day: Patrick The Noble Grey Hound

Jan 8th: Moon, becasue I said so!

Sign up by posting which date you would like to host below.

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