I’ll have to get after LiveSchedules (That’s right! I’m just calling you the name your mother gave you. Not that street gang name your friends call you!). I will assume LS is still on vacation in Idaho or wherever.

Anyway, we are here as a casting call for anyone who would like to sign up for hosting an Open Thread on Friday mornings. Everyone has done a great job over these holidays, which have slowed down the commenting quite a bit. Personally, I blame Ben Carson, as I heard he was distracting everybody with his tryouts as the starting QB for the Cincinnati Bengals. There is nothing that guy has not done! OMG!

Seriously though, pick a day. Let’s get those volunteers going!

January 15th: Rat Fink.

January 22nd: Sean R.

January 29th: Rat Fink-ier

February 5th: Mooooooonn

February 12th: Tea Kettle Masquerade

February 19th: Umataro

Post your preference down in the comments.