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Welcome to the Friday Open Thread hosted by your friendly neighborhood Hackerspace, Lifehacker’s reader-run community. Lifehacker shares this thread to their site so we get the most traffic today, but we’re open all week! Today is a very special day, for it marks the introduction of WEEKLY THEMES.


From now on, the host of the Friday Open Thread will select a theme that applies until the next open thread. Everyone is encouraged to post things about the theme (or anything Hackerspace-related). If you would like authorship, please request it by replying to the post linked above.

This week, Fitbit rolled out smarter sleep alarms that remind me to go to bed too. I woke up thinking I’d finally slept in, only to discover it was 7am. Now I feel energized to TACKLE ALL THE THINGS.

The first step is to make a plan, of course! Thus, this week’s theme is SHOW ME YOUR PLANNERS! Some ideas if you require further prompting: the theory behind your daily planner, meal planner, event planner, etc.

Finally, posts you may have missed this week:

  • Tigrisan has a question about challenging hotel cancellation fees when the cancellation window is not revealed until confirmation
  • Sara McGuire has a fascinating piece about good and bad names for your new startup (tl;dr: name it after me)
  • Snacktastic has posted her second in the Snackerspace series, a mid-week adventure into the internet of terrible and delicious snack ideas. I tweeted the BK mac and cheetos at her earlier, still waiting for my cut.

What are your plans (hehehe) for the weekend?

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