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Whether you’re a business owner or a professional blogger, you want your blog posts to get as many shares as possible. But how do you know how many shares is a good amount? How does your blog compares to other blogs?

Venngage conducted a benchmark study analyzing blogs belonging to’s top 110 Marketing Tech companies to see how many shares the top performing blog posts get. They created a grading system to see how your posts rank.

Total Blog Post Shares:


It’s a sad fact that the majority of blog posts don’t get enough shares to break through the surface of all the content out there. Your posts need to be in the top 90% range to get noticed. But don’t despair if your posts don’t get so many shares—benchmarking your blog posts is the first step to creating a new strategy to increase your blog traffic! Once you have a goal, you can recalibrate your strategy.

Backlinko has a great guide on driving traffic and social shares for your site.

This infographic breaks down the benchmarks for shares per platform, shares per follower, shares per blog post types, and monthly shares per company. How does your blog stack up?

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