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How to Choose the Right Topic for Your Blog

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One of the hardest things to do with regards blogging is to choose the best topic to write about. You can't just pick a topic you fancy and blog about it right away. You have to go through several steps. Well, actually, go through a delicate process in order to find the right topic for you. I urge you — go through this process in order for you to make an intelligent decision. That way, you can choose the right one just for you.


Many people suffer the consequences when they commit the mistake of picking the wrong topic.

How can they commit this mistake, anyway?

They pick a topic they know nothing about. (This is the worst thing a blogger can do.) Most people who commit this error choose a subject because other people have made money out of it. What they don't realize is that the successful bloggers did make money because they are experts of the topic and they who made the mistake were not.


(Remember, when deciding on a blog topic, you must choose one that will showcase your expertise. When your site visitors are inspired by your blog, then you are up to something awesome. Let's say you have been hosting a radio show for 18 years, you have all the right to blog about radio and broadcasting. If you have been leading bible studies and involved in ministry work for several years, you can definitely focus on tackling a niche related to ministry.)


Regarding committing this terrible mistake of picking the wrong topic, the first thought that comes to mind is — they could have had the wrong motive when they made the decision, in the first place. They unwittingly picked a topic because they thought it could make them money. (Now, don't get me wrong, there's absolutely nothing wrong with making money. In fact it's a good thing, especially if you do it to create wealth for your family.)


However, there's a problem if you go this route. The blog subject you have chosen to focus on could be something that you're not equipped to discuss. (Scary stuff, if you ask me). With this, you have just committed a major mistake early on in your blogging journey. A mistake that could ultimately drive you to failure. So, I prepared a guide you can use. I want to help you avoid it.

Steps to take when choosing a topic:

1. Know thyself.

-know your interests

-know your expertise

-know your background

-know your experiences

This crucial knowledge about yourself serves as a guide that will lead you to the topic you are seeking. Something you are passionate about.


2. Ask yourself — what you love talking about.

What is that topic you can't seem to stop talking about? Once you start talking about it, the flow just continues and seems to never end. This is something you absolutely have to e explore. I'm positive it can lead to something spectacular!


3. Do your research

What topic is on top of people's lists? What's the current rage? What are people talking about incessantly in forums? This is something that can be turned into a business. In other words, you must take public interest into consideration. If the masses love it, nothing can stop you from making money out of it. But remember, the topic should be a mix of the people's interest and something you are knowledgeable in.


One other critical question you must ask is this: Are there bloggers raking in money out of the topic? If people are not blogging about it, even if it sounds interesting to you, there must be a reason. There might not be a sustainable interest in the topic. Therefore, not enough customers will be available to support a thriving business. It's a wise decision to stay away from niches like these.

Try to type keywords associated with your topic on Google's search engine. If there are people blogging about it, you're a few steps to nailing it. There must be gold in such a topic. Hordes of people are interested in it. This is a strong sign people are earning from the topic.


4. Find out what other things bloggers do to earn more.

Do they coach or teach people? If so, what are the subjects or topics they handle? Always remember: if there are coaches about a topic, it means there are people being coached. And this means only one thing—there is good income to be had.


Do they sell products like e-books and e-courses? Do they sell services like one-on-one consultations, coaching sessions, or discussions? If the answer is yes... ...further make studies. Go, explore.

If bloggers do their job right, they could be laughing their way to the bank!

5. Determine the longevity of the topic.

Can the topic hold interest for months or years? Will the blog post you create today still be valuable tomorrow, next month, or the coming years? If your answer is yes to all these, then you have found a niche you can explore and you are sure to have a sustainable income for the years to come.


Ideally, there should be an unending blog post ideas for your website for it to become a cash-making machine.

Photo Credit: Kris Olin via Flickr

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