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How to Collect Data For Your Infographic [Infographic]

Last week I shared an infographic about how to come up with ideas for your infographics (meta, right?). This week I’m sharing an infographic about the next step in the infographic creation process: how to collect data for your infographic.

After all, collecting data can be a bit of an intimidating task. But there’s a ton of useful resources out there where you can source data. For example,,, and are great ones.


And a cool strategy you might not immediately think of is to search for data via Image Search. Weird, right? But listen. Image searches for data-centric topics tend to return a lot of charts and graphs. So if you click through to the web pages, you’ll find the data sources.

Of course, you could also go out and collect your own data. You can do this by distributing a survey, or scraping data off the web using a tool like It’s more time consuming to but you’ll have an edge, since you’ll be the primary source for the data.


This infographic offers 7 nifty tactics for collecting data for your next infographic, blog post, whitepaper...anything, really!

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