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Now that I’ve exhausted the areas which I know best (free food, unless something magical happens that opens my horizons), all my posts on Hackerspace are probably going to be questions. This one is exactly the title of the article - I’d like to create a private searchable and sortable database out of a bunch of links.


The Motivating Problem

I read too much fanfic, but now I find myself re-reading it because I can’t remember what I’ve read and liked. My Bookmarks folder is a mess, as I find a fanfic I like, I just bookmark a certain page. I’ve asked around the internet for a solution, and have not found one quite to my liking.

  • I’d like to have some sort of database of links only because I don’t want to download all the fanfic I’ve ever read because space.*
  • I’d also like to be able to filter and search by fandom, author, series, rating (sort on that too), host site, ships, characters, completeness, one-shot or not, and any other tags I can think of.
  • A GUI sort of interface, such that double-clicking on an entry opens the URL of the fic in my browser.
  • I don’t care for the social aspects (i.e. link sharing services)
  • I use Chrome and do not wish to change browsers for this to work. I have a Mac laptop and a Windows desktop - at the minimum, whatever solution there is should work on a Mac.
  • I read on multiple sites, so a service provided by only one fanfic site is not useful.

A General Statement of the Problem That Will Probably Make This More Useful to Everybody

How do you organize your links privately in a searchable/taggable/filterable manner?

The Best Things I’ve Come Up With Yet and Why They Won’t Work (Yet)

My friend said Zotero would have everything I’m looking for. And it does. Except I’m currently using that for my research, locally, and since I use the Zotero plugin for Word for citations while I’m writing - well, I don’t want to cite fanfic in my research papers. Mendeley wants my academic affiliation to even sign up because it is now super social, and I’m not into that :(


The next best thing I found is Wikindex but I am very confused about how to set it up and whether it actually fulfills my requirements. I use Python and R primarily, and I’m also becoming pretty comfortable with bash. In other words, I don’t know SQL, but I’d be willing to learn because it honestly doesn’t look that bad. But how do you set it up?

Calibre seemed like it would work, but I can’t figure out how to configure it so double-clicking on the entry opens the link in my browser, rather than searching for the non-existent book on my HD. Is the solution to create a series of link shortcuts in my Calibre folder? No. That doesn’t work.


Many thanks.

*I asked elsewhere and someone told me to download the PDFs into Evernote because that wouldn’t take up space if I synced with a cloud please don’t suggest that.

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