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Arguably the hardest part of hosting an event is getting people to actually show up.

The first step for getting people to attend your event is to post up an attention-grabbing promotional poster. When done right, a promotional poster should:

  1. Give readers all the necessary information about the event.
  2. Entice readers into attending the event.

The second point comes down to a killer design.

The problem is, you might not have a designer at your disposal to create an awesome promotional poster. So what are you supposed to do? You create it yourself.


Take it from someone who isn’t a designer: you don’t have to be a designer by vocation to learn how to make an attractive poster. But you might need a few tools to help you out.

First, you can start with a poster template.

Second, all you need to follow are some basic principles of graphic design.

This infographic walks you through the process for creating a poster for your event that is sure to turn heads.

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