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If you’re looking for a way to stand out from other job applicants, a well made infographic resume can help you do just that.

Because here’s the thing: the average job posting receives about 74 applications. And recruiters spend, on average, 6-7 seconds looking at each resume they receive. So if your resume doesn’t grab the attention of readers, there’s a good chance they’ll just skim it over.


An infographic resume tells your story using a combination of data visualizations and condensed, highly focused text. You can really take an infographic resume in any direction you want, as long as it answers these three questions:

  1. Can you do the job?
  2. Will do you the job?
  3. Will I like working with you?

Infographic resumes do come with one caveat, however: they can’t totally replace traditional resumes. The fact is that a fair number of recruiters and hiring managers will want a traditional resume, and Applicant Tracking Systems don’t read images. But infographic resumes can be used as supplementary documents to help tell your story and communicate your personal brand.


When to use an infographic resume:

  • If you are seeking a job in a creative field, such as design, marketing or advertising.
  • If you are seeking a data analyst or data visualization occupation (both of which are on the rise).
  • When you’re applying to smaller companies and startups with fewer resources for screening resumes, since they tend to look for standout candidates who can demonstrate a flexible skill set.
  • When you want to provide proof that you can simplify complex data and present it creatively.
  • When you want to share your resume on social media and on your site or blog.
  • When you’re emailing the hiring manager or internal contact directly.

This infographic walks you through hiring expert Hannah Morgan’s top tips for creating an infographic resume.

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