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Immediately a client takes over a property for a particular period, the maintenance of cleanliness is the sole responsibility of the tenant. The landlord does not have the authority to compel the tenants to follow his standards of cleanliness. Tenants own the house for that specified time and if they want to live in total mess that is their problem. As a landlord, you will deal with messy clients during the termination of tenancy.

So how exactly are you supposed to deal with this type of tenants?

Well, it’s the client’s responsibility to maintain the cleanliness of the rented unit during the tenancy. The rule of the thumb has always been in existence, and it maintains that the tenants are obliged to return the property to the landlord just in the same condition they obtained it. Of course, there are other deductions, possibly due to wear and tear.


However, the reality is that most tenants do not cause problems as some of them might even leave the property in a better condition than they found it. In case the otherwise happens, the deposit is always there to take care of any damages caused.

Make use of the “professional cleaning” clause

In any tenancy agreement, there is always a professional cleaning clause which dictates how cleaning will be done or compensated during the end of tenancy. However, the landlord can agree with the clients about the end of tenancy cleaning. The client can do it on his/her own, and the deposited amount will be used to compensate for the service.

Some countries like the UK have made it illegal for landlords to charge clients for professional cleaning services. As far as the tenant has played his/her part by cleaning the house, then it’s up to the landlord to decide whether to hire professional services on his own budge or not.

However, if a tenant fails to carry the end of tenancy cleaning, then it’s okay for the landlord to deduct the appropriate amount from the deposit to take care of the professional cleaning services.


Letthe tenant hire professional cleaning services

Some tenants may opt to hire professional cleaning services if they speculate that it might be a bit cheaper than when left on the hands of the landlord. Additionally, the tenant can undertake the cleaning on their own. If the landlord is not pleased with the work done, you can always agree with the tenant to hire a professional cleaner. However, wear and tear is the main course of inadequate cleaning. In this case, it’s the responsibility of the landlord to renovate the house or undertake the repair of the worn-out items.


Be deliberate on what requires professional cleaning

Of course, you would note a difference between professional cleaners and home cleaning. Some parts or items such as carpets are well off left on the hands of professional cleaners. As a landlord, make an agreement with your tenants about the standards of cleanliness you desire to see in some parts. Set the standards and let them know what you expect.


It’s worth seeking a hand of a professional carpet cleaner, especially at the end of the tenancy. Professionally cleaned carpets will definitely help the landlords to win more tenants. However, as you all know, carpets are the biggest victim of wear and tear, it’s always wise to make a logical decision whether to replace or splash out a professional carpet cleaner.

Consider the tenant’s history and quality

It’s worth to consider the history of the tenant and their quality in terms of the relationship you had during the tenancy period. It’s important because it will help you to decide whether to give a waiver or spend the deposit on cleaning. You should consider the duration of tenancy and reliability of the tenants your relationship and how well they maintained the property.


Despite these considerations, the tenant is expected to return the property in a similar condition they received it. Failure do to this; the landlord has the right to use the deposit to carry out professional cleaning.

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