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How to Effectively Launch Your First Art Exhibition

Organizing an art exhibition isn’t a joke, especially if it’s your first. Everything has to be perfect and sometimes, it might be a tad difficult remembering where to even start. However, we have come up with a few tips that should point you in the right direction. Look through below:

Choose a Theme for the Exhibition

A good art exhibition is one that is characterized by a general theme that not only ties the different pieces together but also gives a certain concept to the exhibition and why you’re organizing it. The theme engulfs every piece of art in the exhibition and it also makes each and every one of them feel like a integral part of a larger whole. Your exhibition is going to be conveying a message (that is the whole point of a theme), so it is of utmost importance that you think carefully about the theme you end up choosing. The theme could be a concept, an image or a particular phenomenon; whatever it is, it should ideally be a feeling or a certain visual technique. Here are a few things you should note about themes:

  • The more specific your theme, the better it would be for your exhibition. For instance, choosing “Black and White” as a theme is just too general and in the end, it won’t make too much of a lasting impact. On the other hand, something like “Association and Civilization” gives an exposition into a far more interesting joining of ideas.
  • It goes without saying that you should try making your exhibition have a catchy and appealing name. A title like “Neon Daydreams” will definitely go a long way in garnering enough interest and attention from prospective audiences and viewers.

Get Local Artists Who Would Like to Feature

If you’re an artist on your own and you’ll like to launch a solo exhibition, then that’s great. Just get your custom paintings (or drawings) and let the whole world see it. However, it could also do you good to let other artists feature in the exhibition. This is particularly advantageous due to the fact that it adds a layer of diversity to the exhibition. Monotony is bad, especially in art. Giving others the platform to showcase what they’ve got will also give them more exposure and present you with the opportunity to get inspired by some of their work.


If you’ll like to add more artists, feel free to do some research and get other artists who are in your vicinity (or others who are far away and who will like to join in) and contact them to see if they would be interested in being a part in your exhibition. A collaborative effort will serve to be beneficial and will make your exhibition well-rounded. However, you should also make sure that these artists have a clear understanding of the concept of the exhibition and are willing and able to work in line with the concept and message that you are trying to pass across. Choose artists who are similar to you and who will be able to pick stuff that you’re also interested in. Apart from the above, here are a few other things that you should know about letting others into your art exhibition:

- When you hold an exhibition in conjunction with other artists, there is a higher chance that you will be splitting the cost of things like the venue, licensing expenses, promotional materials, etc.


- You should also make sure that you give other artists the appropriate accolades and proper credit for their artistic (and financial, as the case might be contribution.

Organize the Event Properly

This is an important step as it has the ability to make or break your exhibition. For your art exhibition, everything just has to be perfect. If you like, you can hire professional event planners to handle it. Logistics and other aspects just have to be top notch.


Price the Artwork Right

This is another important aspect of the whole event. You want people to buy your stuff, right? Well, it might do you good t out moderate prices at first. It might seem unrewarding, but at least you’re getting your stuff out there.


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