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How to get Free Official High-Res Icons

I found this out a little while ago, and I have always thought it was pretty awesome. You know when you save a web shortcut to the desktop, via chrome "apps" or just a regular ol' link? The icons automatically chosen are normally really blurry and jagged. Not very eye friendly. Well, there is a super simple way to fix this dilemma. Here is what you're gonna do.

1. Create the Shortcut, let's say for GMail. In chrome, select the three bar menu icon, then go to tools, then create application shortcut. Then select desktop only. Or if it is a chrome we app, open the new tab, right click the app and select make shortcut.


2. Now you have your amazing shortcut, but the icon is a wee bit blurry and distorted. No problem. Go to the Google play store and search for GMail (or any other app you need for the icon) Once you find it. Right click the icon/ logo and select save image as. Then save it wherever.

3. Go to and upload the the png image you downloaded from the play store in step 2. Now, go ahead and convert it and save it to an icon folder or really anywhere you want.

4. Now, go to your desktop and right click on the shortcut we made in step 1. Then select properties. The options should be general and shortcut, plus a few others. We only need shortcut. Go to the menu and click change icon. No select browse. No navigate to where you saved the .ico file from step 3 and select that. Then select ok, then ok again. Now there you go!


A high quality, official icon for almost any web app! :D Hope this helped. I have a video walk-through for visual guidance.

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