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How to kick a bad RSS habit?

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The last few days there seems to have been quite a few post, or more than normal, about being distracted and how in many ways staying focused is simply figuring out how to keep the internet at bay. This can include only checking email in Outlook, catching up on blogs weekly versus by the minute/hour/day, or even self-reflection about the point of posting on social networks. With the imminent death of Google Reader, maybe not replacing Google Reader is a good idea. It would solve many issues resulting from keeping an open web browser and getting distracted. Also, it would temper our need for constant updates and allow us to realize what is and isn't necessary (I am sure LH would stay relevant).


Daily or Weekly Emails Instead

What I propose is email subscriptions for sites where we need daily feeds and delayed aggregation for sites that aren't so temporally important. Most sites have daily email subscriptions/digest available and some even have instant email updates. Delayed aggregation would be more akin to a biweekly or monthly magazine, and a scheduled email delivery system would be essential. But to aggregate feeds and delay their delivery is not something that seems available on Pipes or IFTTT as of yet. Personally, I would like to relegate certain feeds to this long-term category, while keeping others at the forefront with daily emails. If anyone knows of something obvious I am missing, please chime in.


Willpower is Better

Of course the best idea would be to simply regulate the time spent looking through my RSS collection (not 1000+ articles of course), but I am no monk. How much easier would it be to take RSS reading completely out of the equation and make it arrive on a schedule, versus expect my willpower to keep me on one.


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(I am not sure how appropriate this post is for Hackerspace, but to me this post is like a long-form open-thread post. Any clever replies, or response post would be great).

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