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How To Make Your Holiday Planning Hassle-Free (Use Teamup Calendar)

With everything you need to do every day—taking care of your kids, cleaning and maintaining your house, running business or doing your job, making sure social obligations are done, etc., there is barely enough time to do your planning for the coming holidays. No worries, a super app can come rushing to the rescue.

Do you want to make things easier for you and your family during the holidays? Then, prepare, way ahead. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating this step; you might think it’s a breeze, but if you don’t execute it properly, your holiday could turn into a big mess as fast as a teen can send SMS! And as mentioned earlier, in order to avoid this, you could enlist the help of a super organizing tool. A software that has been reviewed on, lately: Teamup calendar.


You need all the assistance you can get to prepare for your holiday shopping the smart way. A wise move you can do right away is to use a software to help you plan, hassle-free. I’m talking about Teamup Calendar. It’s a free online calendar.

Great things about this wonderful organizing tool:

#1. It’s free.

What can be more fabulous than that? When you have decided to try the app, all you have to do is to navigate to Teamup’s website and on its home page, click the create a free calendar link and you’re ready to start creating your first calendar. No hassle; it’s easy as a walk in the park.

#2. Color-coded multiple categories of things or people to organize

You can create appointments or events as easy as a-b-c, and for multiple categories of items or people. Just click on a date on your calendar; a pop-up window appears at once (it looks like the one below).


After doing this, you can add any minute detail you want to include. Example: bits of info like a subject, who will attend, the venue (automatically links to Google Maps), how long it will last, and all other pertinent information to remind yourself of people you want to share the event with.


Here’s what’s great about it: you can assign a color for each category or sub-calendar. Yep, you can create color coded events or appointments or sub-calendars on Teamup. Nice thing about is you can do so with multiple categories. That way, it’s much easier to look for specific events or calendars.


Example: One sub-calendar could be a family and social events calendar. You can assign blue as the category color. So, whenever you need to check upcoming social events, click on your family and social events sub-calendar (it’s the blue-colored one), so it’s painless to search for it. To help you out even further, look for the eye icon on the right hand corner of each event; click on it, the other events will be hidden—a good way to focus on only one event at a time. To make it clearer, see the image below.


Once there, you can view upcoming events at a glance. In that way, too, you can check how close a certain event is to the current date. See what I mean? You can prepare thoroughly for any upcoming events since you can monitor your sub-calendar any time you want to. Anyway, other sub-calendars could be cards to write, ideas for an event or gift shopping. Another advantage offered is you can include links and photos in your event details.

#3. Easily share with anyone and no account needed to do so.

This app can help you share events and other appointments, easily. You can send links to family or friends or business associates you need to thank this holiday season; even those who don’t have a Teamup Calendar. This will lighten up the load of updating all the people you need to inform about gatherings, meetings, or any event.


Appointments as common as dinners with special friends, or family, can be kept tracked by using Teamup. The app can also be used when scheduling short term traveling. There are times when you need to travel for the weekend to see relatives you haven’t seen in a long time. Use this app to track the time before your trip. Being kept updated about the date can help you prepare for the appointment.

No worries, Teamup Calendar can help you inform the people you will visit in a timely manner. And you can share with anyone with less effort; No need to login or own an account. All that’s needed in sharing and accessing is a Web URL. This way, they’ll be reminded before the specified date. Additionally, you also have the option to share only the event/appointment without sharing the whole calendar. You don’t have to bother friends who don’t need to see other details on the calendar.


#4. Multiple levels of access permissions for multiple people to contribute or stay informed.

This is another feature you’ll love. If you have lots of people in mind to be involved in your shopping, Teamup can allow you to share the calendar or just the appointments with numerous people. This software offers multiple levels of access for your contacts whom you want to contribute and who need to be informed as you go along the gifts shopping journey. This is a painless way of doing it so you won’t miss any gift to buy, or you won’t neglect buying gifts for anybody.


That way, you can be sure you’ll have a joyful and hassle-free Christmas.

#5. Notifications for changes on the calendar

If you have to change some information or change schedules or other details... no need to be stressed. Teamup has a nifty solution: People who are involved in your planning can subscribe to notifications. This way, they’ll be informed of any changes in the plans.


#6. Share events/appointments as a web page so you can share events privately or promote them publicly.

Teamup gives you the option to share your appointments or events privately or publicly. Very handy, indeed. There are situations when a certain individual won’t need to know about a change in the plans, or he doesn’t need to be told of a specific detail. You have the option to share the particular appointment as a webpage.


This way, you can share the information privately. If you need to inform everyone in your list, then you also have the freedom to share the changes or new appointment publicly. If you wish to upload photos, you can opt for a paid subscription.


#7. Share to social networks

And to make it even sweeter for users, you can also share calendars or just appointments on social media. With all the activities like errands and parties on the coming busy holidays, there will be times when people won’t be able to check emails. That’s why it would be more convenient and wise to share on social media. We have to be wise to realize that people are more predisposed to check their social media accounts than their emails. Why? It’s much more convenient; the truth is it’s second nature for people to do this, so it’s the best option.


Need to organize things up this holiday season? Run to Teamup Calendar, fast!

Photo Credit: citirecruitment

Other Images: Screen grabs from Teamup Calendar

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