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It’s conference season. Depending on how outgoing of a person you are, this is either a time of excitement or anxiety (or a bit of both). I’m not a particularly shy person but I do find that conferences can be overwhelming, especially the big ones. I know I’m not alone in feeling this.

But conferences are organized so people can meet each other. They’re a particularly good way to meet influential people in your industry. Whether you’re in marketing, tech, publishing, entertainment or academia, knowing how to go out on a limb and introduce yourself to influential people will only help you grow your career.

The question is, how do you go about introducing yourself to busy and important people without worrying about coming across as desperate/annoying/awkward/flailing? According to a decent sized handful of influencers, start by smiling and saying hello. Who knew?


This infographic offers tips from 26 marketing conference headliners for how to connect with influential people at conferences. While these people are all in the marketing industry, these tips apply to anyone who wants to make connections at a conference but isn’t sure exactly how to go about it.

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