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Welcome New Authors: How to Post On Hackerspace

We've also been expanding the author list, so I thought I'd send a refresher on some of the basics. (Note: you must be an author to post)

1. Open a New Post Window



Choose "Hackerspace" from the "Publish on:" menu at the bottom

2. If you want, upload a picture


Put the big picture at the very top of your article (be sure to cite your sources). You can load a picture via url or from your computer. Kinja (blog software) will resize as necessary. If you would like some artwork created for your article, contact Edward Callow (Hackerspace Editor).

3. Write some stuff about Lifehackery and hit "Publish"

If it's too far off topic and just your personal musings about what you ate for breakfast...we haven't had to use it, but we will:


Need a more in depth guide? We put together some best practices if you have questions.


No idea what I'm talking about? Here's the initial primer that was published at the beginning.



my little pony


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