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How to Pull Together a Last Minute Halloween Costume

This post will show you how to create your own last minute Halloween costume with a simple step-by-step guide. I wrote it with my personal story as backdrop. It's about a night when I dragged down time to the last minute before hurriedly coming up with a Halloween costume.

Here we go... It's that time of year again when people are all excited and getting ready to have fun and join the world in Halloween festivities. Normally, eerie decorations and shocking costumes are the norm, but there are times when oddball styles win the day. Like what happened 10 years ago when I was rushing to come up with a quick costume but couldn't think of anything I would like to wear. After suffering for a while due to my predicament, I just gave up. Ok I admit, that year, I was plain lazy and have procrastinated till there was almost no time to whip up a costume. (A lesson learned the hard way).



I noticed you nodding. That means you can relate to what I'm saying. Additionally, in case you're like most people who are working all the time, balancing a career with family responsibilities, taking care of kids, maintaining a house, and a personal life, (whew! I can hardly breathe writing that line) then, you're in luck. I got you covered. Check this ultra cool offer from Halloween Express.

Go online, choose a costume, then pick it up in a local store

Since all of us are forced to run on toxic schedules, this genius of a program would be invaluable around this time. It can help us prepare for November 1 festivities without worrying too much. How does it work? Go online, choose the costume you like and pick it up in your local Halloween Express retail store. Easy breezy.


Always attended Halloween parties with a costume

Now about the party, let me continue. I for one, always hated attending Halloween parties without wearing a costume. So at the last minute, while wallowing in self pity and mea culpa, I turned to the web for temporary relief. Call me weird, but this works for me everytime.


It was 5pm, I was stressed, and had no costume.

When I was about 10 minutes in my surfing respite, I came across an item that was super hot during the time. A press release of the blockbuster movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Johnny Depp was starring as Captain Jack Sparrow in the flick. Upon seeing it, I had a light bulb moment. Right there and then, I decided I'd be Johnny Depp for the party.


The idea that saved my Halloween

I would have loved going to the party with a pirate costume but I didn't have time to buy or create one, so what did I do? I printed out Johnny Depp's headshot (the one I saw online) onto cover stock, stepped into a sexy shirt and jeans (like he always does when not attending a formal affair), and added a pasteboard sign that flashed a catchy line: “I'm not wearing my Captain Jack Sparrow costume tonight.” Voila! I had a costume. In case you'd be thrown into a situation where you need to pull together a last minute Halloween costume this year, here's the fix. More ideas for costumes — check this infographic. It will help you pick from among the most searched Halloween costumes in the last 5 years. Huge, huh!


So my Johnny Depp costume was my savior.

Even I was surprised when it became a huge hit. Many of the party animals who were partying with me couldn't wait to pose for pictures with Johnny, errr.. me. Come to think of it, in the pictures, the mask I made hurriedly looked real. 'Twas convincingly real. Even I was impressed.


The nitty-gritty of a mask that will save your Halloween.

To do this yourself: let’s say you want to go as Brad Pitt. All you need to do is find a suitable photo of him, print a size of it that fits the width of your face, print onto super thin cardboard, put eye holes and attach with elastic string or rubber band; whatever is available. Find appropriate clothing for Brad. For him, I suggest you wear a chic brown coat over a sharp looking light yellow inner shirt, top it with cool light brown shades. Now you can go as his “Rusty Ryan” character in Ocean's 11. Damn, you're a dead ringer! Don't forget, and this is detrimental to the success of your costume — act like Brad acting like his character.


That whole night, I was ecstatic.

Going back to my most memorable Halloween, the compliments and attention I attracted were more than I expected. To think that my costume was practically thrown together on the way out of my hole.


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