Haha, they’re so fat they jiggle when you jab them. Oh, I was referring to the fat globules in the cream. It’s the stuff that gives the cream a nice, fluffy texture.

Stirring the cream with a wire whisk isn’t effective, so no need to give yourself arthritis. The secret to make a fluffy cream is to whip it by spinning the whisk. Hence the whipping cream. Hold the whisk upright with your hands facing one another while rotating it as fast as you can. This is a handy technique if you don’t have a mechanical mixer or immersion blender with a whisk attachment.

Quick chemistry lesson: The fast spinning whisk simultaneously forces air into the cream and breaks the phospholipid membranes (protective layer) of fat globules. The triglycerides (ester formed from glycerol) in damaged fat globules seek refuge in each other and bond together, trapping the air in the process.

Oh, and this technique is brilliant for those with big hands. To wash the inside of a small jar, simply fill it with hot soapy water and spin the whisk.

Cheers! :)