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Gathered here are three weeks’ worth of posts the fine folks at Hackerspace penned and shared to the community. They may come in handy for you. If you are unable to see impossibly faint lines under links following the latest Kinja update, I made them bold.

Talking to a virtual therapist is more constructive than unloading excruciating personal problems onto a blank wall.

Fun Fact: Therapists are known for finding the root of the problem and deliberately keeping it from their patients for a couple of paid sessions. They have bills to pay, you know!


For those who don’t have a full grasp of digital currencies to understand how they work, allow Elena to explain in baby words.

Fun Fact: Bitcoin and other digital currencies were a laughingstock three years ago.


Terminal can help those with an unhealthy obsession with taking screenshots of sarky political tweets get more organised.

Fun Fact: Type telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl into Terminal (Mac) or Command Line (Windows) followed by Return and grab a bowl of popcorn.


Elena shares thirteen ways to help indoctrinated brains snap out of it and maintain their ability to make conscious decisions.

Fun Fact: One of the kids will one day become your leader. Donate money, food, clothes, school supplies or books to local schools or volunteer to share your fun profession with them. 


Tony Toreto makes the suggestion that people should carry two mobiles just in case one of them carks it.

Fun Fact: Don’t update or upgrade the OS. That is how people cripple their mobiles to the point where they are forced to buy new ones. Capitalism at its finest! 


According to Elena, people can make a big profit off of videos of themselves watching grass grow or watching iron rust.

Fun Fact: A solution consisting of potassium thiocyanate, hydrochloric acid, hydrogen peroxide and water can make iron objects rust and bleed iron thiocyanate ions within seconds. 


Moon shares a clever text-to-speech programme that allows users to remap keystrokes in Windows. Whenever certain words are detected, the computer goes into Mummy mode and talks to soothe the situation.

Fun Fact: Chocolate can make you happy! Consuming chocolate releases endorphins—hormones produced within the brain and nerve system—that can lower stress levels.


Building a website is best put in the hands of a web designer. Lucy Clarke shares consulting tips so the website won’t look like a tawdry Angelfire blog.

Fun Fact: World Wide Web, the world’s first website, is still online. Oh how times have changed.


Elena explains whether or not the practise of throwing money at promising innovations is for everyone.

Fun Fact: Remember Indiegogo and Kickstarter? Yeah, well...


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Ach, Heimat, süße Heimat! My family, friends and I returned from a brilliant two-week adventure. We flew to Singapore to change flights. From there my eldest son’s close friend and his parents flew to Switzerland and the rest of us flew to Deutschland.


We visited my family in Berlin and attended the Oktoberfest in München. My husband, FIL and I tasted beers and joined the rest of the family to go on rides. None of the smoked beers tasted as good as Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Märzen and Urbock. :\ Whilst in the area we visited the BMW Museum.

We drove down to Interlaken to reunite with the other half of our group. We all then went off-roading to a remote location deep in the Alps and camped there for four days. There is nothing but nature. No electricity, no bathroom, nothing. The boys were given the freedom to do as they please so the adults could relax. It felt like home. It was beautiful and fun.

All of us drove to Berlin to attend a family reunion. There my great grandpa, who is 108, announced that he thinks his days are numbered. He witnessed countless major events growing up in the very villa the reunion was held. We were devastated, knowing we are on the verge of losing one of the greatest storytellers in the family.


My great grandpa tapped me to choose a new family motto. Without hesitation I chose „Du sollst deinen Nächsten lieben wie dich selbst” (“You shall love your neighbour as yourself”). It is the single most disobeyed verse in the Bible. Although we’re all atheists, it is our favourite verse.

He let everyone take something from the house to remember him by. My family and I already have the deeds to the house. We’re going to have his favourite car shipped here. We would rather have my great grandpa.

We all headed home over the weekend. We had a brilliant time nevertheless.

How is autumn or spring treating you? Have stores started decorating for Christmas yet? It has already begun here. *sigh* Feel free to to speak what’s on your mind!


Have a brilliant weekend and cheers! :)