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Well, I'm probably still asleep right now, since I haven't told anyone my office hours yet. Welcome to your weekly open thread, where you tell us all about your hackery problems and pursuits, and we try to be helpful and encouraging or just link you to a bunch of unrelated gifs if we can't do either (!).

Approximately three hours from when this post goes up, I will hopefully be full of energy or too exhausted to think straight. It's self-improvement week for a bunch of us, and I cross-posted that Getting Started Guide to HabitRPG that I have been nattering about for awhile. Liveschedules also wants you to be productive in the interests of Hackerspace, which may not actually align with your personal productivity standards, but it's your own damn fault for being here.


It's been looking a little quiet around here. I know I was supposed to write about getting around IKEA in a hurry because Liveschedules doesn't know how to do it, but I just started classes this week. What's that? You have stuff to do too? NO MATTER. Read the always-useful Guide and start working for us for free from home today. If you haven't got authorship, we can share posts, but if you share an idea below, a mod may take advantage and grant authorship. Not me.*


Dear Liveschedules,


*I am not a mod.

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